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Lost Pet Assistance

imagesIf your pet is lost, we’re here to help. We keep our Facebook page open for just this type of thing. Feel free to post information about your pet directly on our Facebook page. Print out flyers and we’ll post them in the window and on our doors.  And, if you call us at the store, we’ll even send out a push notification on our app so everyone will be watching out for your pet.

We encourage anyone who loses a pet to check out the following shelters in person – right away!   Colorado law only requires shelters to keep found pets 5 days so time is of the essence.  Often, found pets don’t end up on their websites and you will never know if they’re there, unless you are!

Denver Animal Shelter

Denver Dumb Friends League

Foothills Animal Shelter

Max Fund

Don’t forget to post your lost pet on Craigslist and look for “found pets” on the same website.

It’s also worth checking with local vets to see if anyone has brought your pet in.

Finally, if you’re not familiar with Nextdoor, it’s worth joining this social networking site for your neighborhood.  We are members of the Berkeley neighborhood Nextdoor and keep an eye out for any lost and found pets we see on there.