Bulk Aromatic Catnip 1 oz.


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Cat_BulkCatnipSo many people wrote to tell us that the catnip we use in our Three Bathed Mice toy was the most potent catnip they’ve ever found.  In response to numerous requests, we now offer this in bulk.

Note:  1 oz. is a lot of catnip!

Ingredients:  100% Catnip


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  1. Baruna
    1 out of 5

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    Our dear cat, Willow, is a very finicky cantip Connoisseur (or should I say, catconnisseur/catisseur) so, when he went nuts with his 3 cantip sardines in a way out tin box), he displayed joy and sincere gratefulness, looking at us as if saying, why hadn’t you gotten me the good stuff years ago)!? The little guy has more toys than I ever had as a child, but these Yeowww! cantip toys are the only items he will go back to on his own (usually, he won’t go into the wicker toy basket nor play with items we’ve laid out on the floor he usually requires we do a throw and case, or some action before he will play with it).I received this as a birthday gift and have located only a few places where I can purchase additional ones. You can bet I will be placing future orders as well as freely provide referrals for my family, family inlaws, friends & colleagues. Thank you so much for this-I would like to add, when he does run and play catch with your products, it keeps him healthy & active, as he’s a tripod cat, having had his rear right entire leg removed due to car accident (he was a feral fellow before we got him), and didn’t know how he’d be post surgery. Well, two years have gone by, he does some amazing new strengthening & adaptive exercises to keep him fit, and continues to bring us dead and live gifts such as birds, snakes, mice, & the like. I think the Yeowww! products have helped him out.Dr. Shannon Jurich

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